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I’ve been ignoring them for quite some time and I’m not exactly sure why.

They’re getting on my nerves for some reason. My feed’s been taken over by pictures from that stupid trip and I honestly wants to block everyone, so that they all just go away.

It was a fun trip. I’d had so so so much fun and I had a bagful of memories to prove it.But half of my friends can’t seem to obsess over anything but the materialistic superficial aspects of the trip and it’s frankly sickening. It’s all should I post this picture what about this one or maybe that one and why’d I get only a hundred likes and oh take a picture of me here and there and how about here too. Oh my god, all I see is pictures of the cool group that’s so stupid, I am jealous and oh my gosh, I haven’t had data for five minutes, I’m gonna cry and oh my, this church is so lame and old, why couldn’t we go to a beach, what the actual hell. Like honestly shut the hell up already.

One of them’s making me feel specifically homicidal. Let’s call her Mk. She’d been complaining the entire trip and I’ve reached my wit’s end with her. First of all, she’s obsessed with Instagram and her image and reputation and pictures of her face. She’s constantly trying to be cool or something and I am done with her. Then she kept whining throughout the trip about how she wasn’t having fun. Well, I’m sorry that you’re not having fun or whatever but stop ruining this trip for the rest of us. On top of that, she will not adjust to bloody adjust to a n y t h i n g. Constantly wanting things her own way and if one isn’t, shit will hit the proverbial fan.

A few weeks ago, I’d fought with one of my best friends, Pb and I’d had a huge freak out. This friend of mine had comforted me and I was beyond thankful. But now she was using the fact that she’d helped me as leverage or something and it was just sickening. I’d kept the fight private, telling those who asked. But she went and told everyone and honestly it was too much.

I insult everyone. But I’m always joking and everyone knows this, even someone I’ve talked to for five minutes. But Mk, who’s supposed to be one of my closest friends doesn’t seem to understand and it’s annoying. Constantly whining about how I’m mean and don’t care about her. I’m mean to everyone, you idiot.

Mk has a crush on this guy. She’s liked him for almost a year. She told him a few weeks ago and he told her he didn’t like her back. She’s been cool with it and they’re still very close. But he still keeps leading her on and making her cry and I got sick of him hurting her. So I told her to ignore him for some time in order for her to get over him. But no. She won’t. She started screaming about how she’ll do whatever she wants, he isn’t leading her on and she won’t get over him if she doesn’t want to. My God. She is way too obsessed with him.

Okay sorry y’all for ranting about Mk for so long, but it’s been pestering me for some time now and I am way too happy to finally let it all out. Do y’all have a friend like her? Like, comment, follow and all that jazz! I’ll see you next post.

UPDATE: I talked to Mk and everything’s sorted out now! Yay!

UPDATE MORE THAN A YEAR LATER: Oh my God. I’m such a bitch, shit. I apologise for this rant, it’s mean and bitchy and I love Mk so much, I’m so sorry.


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