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Meeting her is yellow:

Happiness, sunshine, melting butter;

Sunflowers, wide smiles, beaches;

Bright eyes, butterscotch and oh, so beautiful.Getting to know her is green:

Dewdrops on grass, trees, peaceful;

Earthy, ribbons, vital;

Refreshing, alive and oh, so beautiful.

Kissing her is red:

Blood, addictive, intoxicating;

Dangerous, rose petals, rich;

Smooth, paradoxical and oh, so beautiful.

Loving her is purple:

Brilliant, fire on water, violets;

Cold yet not cold, hot yet not hot, keeping him on his toes;

Confusing, exhilarating and oh, so beautiful.

Touching her is orange:

Sunrises, new beginnings, immortal;

Sunsets, calming, fire;

Comforting, passionate and oh, so beautful.

Losing her was blue:

Tears, numb, cold;

Sleepless nights, puffy eyes, broken hearts;

Pessimistic, dark and oh, so beautiful.

Missing her was grey:

Empty rooms, dreary, sad;

Storms, heartwrenching, fog;

Timeless, empty and oh, so beautiful.


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