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Blogger’s Secret Santa // A.K.A The Author

Hey guys!

Merry Christmas y’all! I hope you’re all having a marvelous time!

So, this year Teenella (whose blog you should definitely check out) came up with the wonderful idea of a Blogger’s Secret Santa and I got the wonderful A.K.A The Author!Hihellohey! How are you?

Lemme tell you, when I checked out your blog, I was astounded that I’d just found you. You are bloody amazing! You have one of the best personalities, you’re so nice. I find you very relatable and it just makes me enjoy your posts even more! I admire that you continue to play the cello so much! You are definitely someone I’d love to be friends with in real life.

You’re terribly dedicated to your blog, your blogmas is w o n d e r f u l. You inspire so many people with your bravery. You’re so pretty!!! Your blog name is the best. I love your taste in music and books. You deserve each one of the few hundred followers you have and more! I swear I cried while reading this. No one deserves to go through anything like this. I might not know how it feels but I hope I can make you feel better.

You’re so caring and friendly and anyone can see that you adore writing. You write like you’ve been writing forever and you’re so creative. This specific post is my personal favourite!

I love love love the quote in the background – “The purpose of life is not to just be happy. The purpose of life my love, is to feel. You must understand that your pain, is essential.”

Merry Christmas Aspen! I hope you had/are having the best day! I’m sorry it’s so short!



8 thoughts on “Blogger’s Secret Santa // A.K.A The Author

  1. Oh my gosh you’re so sweet! You have no idea how happy this has made me! I’m so glad you enjoyed me blog, I hope to be seeing you around more often!!
    And that quote is amazing, isn’t it? It helps me feel better in a lot of situations. I hope you can think of it too sometimes.
    Again, thank you so so much. And Merry Christmas!!! 💜💜

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