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9 Things I Would Like To Tell To Every Teenage Girl – Melissa Newman-Evans

Nine things I would like to tell to every teenage girl:

One, the world is trying to kill you. It is trying to do this by stealing your voice. Kill it back!

Two, you are the best thing in every room. You’ll notice I did not say “the prettiest”. You are also the prettiest thing in every room, but that shit doesn’t matter! That shit is the world trying to kill you!Three, you’ll never completely kill the idea that your body is the most important thing about you. That shit is everywhere. And if you’re alive, and hearing me say these words right now, then you’ve already heard it too many times.

That said, four: the best hairstyle is one that helps you get out of bed every morning. The best makeup is one that sharpens a knife for you. The best brand of denim is one that fits and goes with your combat boots. Note that high heels make perfectly acceptable combat boots. Converse make excellent combat boots, and yes, combat boots are superlative combat boots.

Five, wear whatever you want, look however you want; you know who can fuck themselves if they don’t like it? Everyone!

Six, you remember that metaphor about killing you being stealing your voice? Sometimes the world will actually try to kill you. You’ll never deserve it. Telling you to be ready is pointless. Telling you to prepare yourself is just another way to blame you when it happens, which is why…

Seven, you need to hold up your sisters.

Eight, everyone is your sister. The girl with the jacked up teeth and the thrift store jeans is your sister. The girl who fucks girls is your sister. The girl who used to be called Jake, but is now called Jane is your sister. The cheerleaders who are trying so hard to kill you are still your sisters. The world is trying to kill each and every one of you and if you do not hold each other up, no one else will.

Nine, someday, someone is gonna call you a woman. It’s gonna be the most terrifying thing to think about yourself. But recognize it for the medal of honor that it is, it means that you have survived. That everything that has tried to kill you has failed. I’m so sorry, I should have called you all women at the beginning of this poem.


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