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A Lovely Night

I’m sorry, kind sir,

But to be frank

This has been a waste

Of a lovely night.You’ve been a sweetheart

And you look stunning

In that Armani suit,

But I’m feeling nothing.

The sun and the sea and the wind

Create the perfect catalyst for

Something to have happened;

If only it were another girl and guy.

A few more glasses of wine

May have changed my mind

And I might’ve been all over you;

Thank Lord I had but one.

Mister, you may have

A charming smile and

Eyes that twinkle but,

There’s not the slightest spark.

This evening was

Custom-made for two

And what a shame

Those two are you and I.

You’d think I’d fall for you

Or at least, swoon at your voice

And I’m sorry to disappoint you,

But I’m feeling less than nothing.

The view reminiscent

Of ‘The Starry Night’;

What a waste of

A lovely night.


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