Posted in Poetry

5:27 PM

One sits at their desk,

Staring out the window;

One stares down

At her sister’s body,

One breaks down sobbing

As she comes to terms

With her sexuality.
One writes a slogan

To stand up for herself

AgainstĀ him.
One pours her

Thoughts and secrets

Onto paper.
One restlessly sleeps

Unable to escape from

His demons.
One fiercely

Rubs off his makeup;

Toxic masculinity.
One takes

Racial slurs

In the metro.
One hides in

Her dark room

From his fists.
One writes an exam,

His wrinkled face

Setting him apart.
One finds a puppy

Lying on the road

Bleeding and crying.
One fights, struggles

As his hand slides

Under her skirt.
One accepts

Who he she

All try

To make

A difference.


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