My name’s Ebe. What’s yours?

Well, I am a 16 year old girl who has not even the slightest idea how to present herself. I apologize in advance for the cringeworthy introduction that follows.

  • I live in India, which is honestly the most crowded place ever.
  • I blog (write) to get what and all I’m thinking about out of my mind so I apologize if half the stuff I write turns out to be a mess.
  • I read read read constantly.
  • I watch a bunch of TV shows including but not limited to- Shadowhunters, Suits, The Good Place, Eyewitness, Stranger Things, Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Flash.
  • I suck at singing. Like legitimately suck.
  • According to my aunt, I look like Jennifer Lopez but honestly, I don’t see the resemblance. There is literally none.
  • I write short stories, flash fiction and I try waxing poetry.
  • I am very much a Troye Sivan stan. I also listen to Halsey, Against the Current, Leroy Sanchez, Panic! at the Disco and a bunch of mainstream artists.
  • I live with my mom, my dad and my younger sister who is very much a pain in the ass (I love her).
  • I wanna be an editor when I grow up.
  • One of my favourite movies is Ocean’s Eleven.
  • I’m very much a supporter of LGBTQ+ and if you happen to have a problem with that, please do see yourself out.
  • One of my dreams is to just be happy with myself and what I’m doing.
  • I love learning languages.
  • I have glasses.
  • I’m quick to trust most people.
  • I love love.
  • I used to have another blog before this one but I abandoned it due to too many people I know in real life getting to know about it.

If y’all are still reading, I applaud you and question what you’re doing with your life at the same time. Honestly, that wasn’t as hard as I expected. Yes!

There isn’t really anything else to say but I’d just like you guys to know that you can talk to me anytime you like and about anything you like, I’m a very trustworthy person I think.

Email me at: nostalgicfalllacies@gmail.com

Kay bye!


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