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There’s a big part

Of my heart that’s

Reserved for the

Woman who

Birthed me.


She’s the kindest

Person I know and

Sure, she’s always

On the phone but

I wouldn’t have it

Any other way.


She doesn’t think so

But she’s awfully

Smart, she doesn’t

Need to know the

Spelling of ‘mitochondria.’


And maybe I got

My tears from her

But I also got my



My mother’s the kind

Of woman who works

So hard, she doesn’t

Leave anything



She’s my


Pushing me to

Do more with

Myself; I’m

Capable of so

Much more,

She knows.


My mom dreams

Big dreams for me,

Of Harvard and a PhD;

She wants me to do

Better than she did.


She downplays

Everything she’s

Done and puts

Herself down and

I just want to say,

Ma, I’m proud to be

Your daughter, thank

You for everything,

I love you.

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greedy for love

i want the kind of love that inspires; that leaves me with an ink stain on my heart and hundred pages of phrases describing our first kiss and our second and third

i want the kind of love that is quiet, a squeeze of hands and a private smile or two

i want the kind of love that makes me feel safe

i want the kind of love that makes my stomach hurt with laughter

i want the kind of love that makes me happier than i’ve never been before

i want the kind of love that is soft; cuddles at night and forehead kisses

i want the kind of love that holds me up when i need help and offers me their back to climb up on when my feet hurt

i want the kind of love that makes someone believe

i want the kind of love that makes me notice the tiny things, making them all the more meaningful

i want the kind of love that fills me up with so many words that when i’m penning them down, my handwriting looks like abstract art because i can’t keep up

i want the kind of love that surprises me at every turn in the best way

i want the kind of love that’s new

i want the kind of love that i know i’m not worthy of but makes me want to fight to earn it

i want the kind of love that makes everything more 

i want the kind of love

i want the kind

i want

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and then there was one, one, one

Sometimes you scream

and cry and wail

into the abyss;

All you want is

An acknowledgement,

An echo, I know

Someone’s there

For me, you’re

Met with deafening


Helplessness drips

From your lips,

Loneliness rolls

Down your cheek,

But somehow

From somewhere

Something ebullient

Makes its way

Up your throat. It

Forces your mouth open,

Wipes away all traces

Of anything that isn’t

effusive, hopeful, loving

Or rhapsodic.

(They call it hope.)

An echo of the smile

From five nights ago

Makes its way

Onto your face, your eyes

They twinkle and

Sirius holds nothing

Against you. You retrace

Your steps, repeat

Your idiomatic words,

Sway to the music

You were listening to

Last night, maybe

No one will be there

But you can be your

Own echo.

Own echo.




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Great Love Story 

I want you

To be my

Great Love Story

(And all the other cliches.)

I want you to be

My One that could’ve-

Should’ve left but didn’t.

(Thank you for staying.)

People will say,

‘Fifty years? And

They’re still in love?’

(You’ve got my thinking about the future.)(I didn’t know I could.)

Love me now,

Love me then,

Love me forever.

(Just love me.)

If we broke up?

I’d miss your kisses

And your laugh.

(And the both of them together.)

Please don’t go away,

I’d be sad and I don’t

Want to be sad anymore.

(You make me happy.)

You promised you wouldn’t

Let me fall and yet,

I managed to do just that.

(And I”m still falling.)(Please catch me.)

Love used to feel

Complicated, I was


(I’m not scared anymore.)(I love you.)

When I listen to

Love songs, I see

Your hands.

(Your face. Your smile. Your eyes. You)

If I said that I

Want to marry you,

What would you say?

(Are you saying you want to marry me?)

We’re not going to last,

You know it and so do I;

We’ll go our own ways.

(I hope our paths cross again.)

And sure, I’ll be sad when

There’s no other

Alternative than goodbye.

(Ha, sad. Understatement of the year.)

You aren’t going to be

My forever but at least

You’ll be my something.

(And that’s more than I can ask for.)

I want you

To be my

Great Love Story.

(One day, I’m going to have a life without you.)(I hope that day never comes.)

Credits to Rev for being head over heels in love.